Adamu Kimyōna is an OC made by Kawaii Derp.


Adamu is a male student at Akademi High School. He is part of the Cosplay (Club) and is the leader and strictly cosplays as female characters. He is a homosexual but not tries to make the main topic of him, though him failing at it many times due to his cosplay. Contrast to what people believe he does not identify as a female it is only his cosplay that makes him seem like that. Adamu is actually not that openly homosexual at school. It's not that hes unwillingly or scared to do it he just does it when he needs to do it or when he feels like it. He only cosplays on special occasions.


Adamu has almost the exact hairstyle and features as Taro Yamada except for longer sideburns and a sharper backside and more bangs, along with very dark brown eyes. He wears the default male uniform normally. His cosplays are either from anime or original designs. Examples:Victorian dresses, maid outfits, and various female anime characters. He has a very slight tan, he would try to hide it with foundation most of the time. When in cosplay sometimes he wants to give off a "you can tell I'm a boy in girls clothes" aesthetic. As he only cosplays on special occasions, he mostly wears "boys clothes". Because he is the leader of the Coplay club, he wears a red armband, he drew a small heart on it.


Adamu suffers from borderline personality disorder. This of course affects his social behavior. He is often alone, he chooses this because he perfers lonliness sometimes. He sometimes can be seen as very anxious and desperate for things, or he can be very angry on the inside. His opinion on people varies. For example, he thinks that his friend, Ren Tachibana is a worthless creep to society sometimes, and sometimes he's an older brother to him. However most of the time, he is a bubbly, cheerful, flamboyant, and stands out from some boys.


Ren Tachibana: Ren is friend of Adamu's. No one has ever saw him excepte for Adamu. No one knows what he looks like. According from Adamu, Ren was some sort of pervert who did not feel love, but felt other emotions. Since no one thinks Ren exists, people think Adamu is weird when he mentions him. Though it is obvious Ren is a dear from of Adamu's.


  • He scored a 14 in the Yandere Simulator Mary Sue Litmus Test meaning he is a well developed character.
  • If you can't tell Adamu is the japanese version of Adam.
  • His last name, Kimyōna means weird.
  • His portrait was made by user " Strawberry Imouto "