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Auctioneer-chan is the imaginary girlfriend of Auctioneer-kun.

Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Auctioneer / Student
Class 3-1
Club Auctioneering
Age  ???
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush Auctioneer-kun
Strength Yelling
Appears Unknown


Auctioneer-kun saw people on TV have people to share their love with. He wanted a girl to share his love with, thus Auctioneer-chan was born.


  • Auctioneer-chan is said to be a gender-bent Auctioneer-kun. He has always wanted a girlfriend similar to him, so that may be true
  • Auctioneer-chan is actually a former student at Akedemi. She died in 1989 ago when seeing Ryoba kill a student.
  • Auctioneer-chan's appearance is unknown, and is to this day. When Auctioneer-kun is asked, he always replies with "She looks like the girl of my dreams." It is said she looks like Auctioneer-kun with longer hair and no mustache.



What Auctioneer-chan would look like kissing Auction-kun.