Chiyo Cho is an OC made by Kawaii Derp


Chiyo Cho is a female student at Akademi High School. She is a first year at class 2-2. She is the founder of the study (Club).


When Chiyo was in middle school, she almost failed math and gym multiple times. Her parents needn't care about gym, but was strict and exaggerated the idea that if you don't do good in math, you'll never succeed in life. That is how she grew confidence issues with her grades. Because of this, she made the study club.


Chiyo has black hair, bangs, and navy pantyhose. She has dark brown eyes and an average body shape. She stays up late studying, therefore she has bags. Because of her club leader status, she wears a read armband to show that she is the leader of her club.


Chiyo is a quiet girl, often not talking unless talked to. She is rather pessimistic, thinking the worse or predicting the worse. She is very stressed about school, and therefore has confidence issues on the topic of her grade level, which is not bad and better than some students in her class.


The Rainbow Twelve Girls: Chiyo is too timid to interact with them, mostly because she is afraid of being caught up in drama and affairs.

The staff: Chiyo respects them.

Ren Yuito: Chiyo finds Ren to be a fellow club member. She is unaware of his crush, if he ever confessed, she would reject him.


Chiyo has one task. She will ask you for copies of specific Math books, if given the wrong ones, she will ask you to return back with the right one. If declined, she will be understanding about it.


7:10 Chiyo comes into school later than most students.

7:15 Chiyo puts on her inside shoes.

7:16~8:00 Chiyo goes into the library to study with her club.

8:00~1:00 Chiyo is in class 2-2.

1:00~1:30 Chiyo goes to the rooftop to eat lunch.

1:30~3:00 Chiyo is in class 2-2.

3:00~6:00 Chiyo goes into the library to study with her club.


  • She is the first OC made by the creator.
  • Her birth date is July first.