=+~>> This a joke OC created by EwImTrash. Please ask her here to create any fan-related items! They are acceptable if you ask! Enjoy the OC! ] <<~+=

Hawtest OC
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Student / YouTuber
Class 3-1
Club None
Age 18
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush None
Strength Armed
Appears Unknown


Hawtest OC has green bangs, two blue pigtails and extra purple hair with a matching (or not...) cyan mustache. One of her eyes are a light green, and the other a dark red. She has brown ram horns, pink and yellow wings, a lime headband, gray earmuffs and bandages unless customized by a player. She usually wears a lavender shirt with a red vest and backpack. On special days, she wears a red choker and lime bandana whilst holding a lightsaber.


Hawtest OC used to be beautiful, and bragged about it. One day she met an ugly witch who told Hawtest she was dying. Hawtest didn't help because the witch was ugly. The witch cursed with a spell that made Hawtest ugly. Over the years, Hawtest has learned that beuty isn't everything. She thought the cursed would have been lifted by now if the witch was not dead. Hawtest started to realize her appearance was funny, and created a YouTube channel making fun of it. To this day, Hawtest makes videos for the people.


Prettiest OC

Prettiest is Hawtest's twin sister. She is half of the reason Hawtest has learned to love her appearance. They are close, and Prettiest in almost all of Hawtest's videos.

Budo Masuta

Hawtest does not like Budo's voice. Otherwise, they are friends.