H-hey... You've come onto one of Osenaria's OCs, S-so you shouldn't use this OC without her permission...


Hinagiku has raven black hair that is a little messy and reaches her hips. Her eyes are a cinnamon brown that are filled with shyness. She has fair skin and a bust size of 1.4. Hinagiku is 5'.


Hinagiku is a Wallflower. She's usually unnoticed and ignored. She's quiet and shy, but her friends know her as a loud freak. If she witness a murder she will muffle their scream and quietly back away. She will then go to the nearest Heroic, Strict, Traitor, or Vigilante character and tell them what happened.

Hinagiku will gently smile at the photographer if they try to take a picture of her and are not in the Photography club.


Hinagiku's task is to help her study for a math test. She is terrible at math and the character will quiz her on it. Once the task is completed, Hinagiku will perform five favors and will agree to be their friend.


She takes a train to Akademi, and heads over to her locker to change into her indoor shoes. She then sits in a corner of the school's cafeteria until classes start. At lunch, she goes and eats her lunch on the roof. She goes back to class soon after and ends the day visiting a club and going home.


Hinagiku lives in a big city, Kitano City, near Buraza town which seems to collect candy addicts and harajuku people. Because of this she stays inside most of the time. She used to live in Seiza City, where she was contained in an orphanage.


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  • Her voice is most likely Osenaria's voice.
  • Hinagiku is the self-insert OC of Osenaria.
  • She has glasses, but doesn't like to wear them. This makes her near-sighted as she is terrified of contacts.