Hinata is an OC by Antoninko.


Hinata has long, dark blue hair, with a red streak.

Her eyes are pink. She has long black stockings.


Hinata is Funny and Nice.

When a camera is pointed at her, she will react like an teacher.


Thanks, it's really nice from you...- When being complimented

Um ... are you faking? - When complimented too much

What the hell is wrong with you! Get away from me! - When seeing Yandere-chan murder someone.

OMG! Is that a dead body! - When seeing a corpse.

Why are you holding a knife ? You aren't gonna kill somebody, right?- When seeing someone with an knife.

Fuck this shit I'm out, oooooh! - when being poured with water.

OK!?! I'm sick of this school! - When being pored with blood.

How could you! - When seeing somebody to murder her Crush.

I'm useless, I'm worthless, I'm stupid, kill this stupid Kokona, kill kill kill dat bitch, kill kill kill dat bitch.