Mai Waifu
Way new Mai
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Student
Class Unknown
Club Gaming
Age 18
Persona Loner
Crush  ????? (Implied to be YandereDev)
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown

Mai Waifu is a canon character in Yandere Simulator


Mai Waifu has long pink hair and bangs that fall onto her forehead. Her eyes change color in-game, but are pink in her portrait. She wears the default uniform unless customized. Her bust size is 2.


She is a Loner. If a camera is pointed at her, she will hide her face. If she witnesses murder, she will run home and call the police.



This person is her crush. She fantasizes about them all the time.They are implied to be YandereDev.


  • She is based off YandereDev's jokes of himself being a Japanese schoolgirl with long pink hair and big breasts.