YanYen (or YY) is a currency the wiki uses. This feature is optional and purely for fun. Please also visit the Store, Calendar, and YandereBank pages for more info.

Types of YanYen

These are worth 1 YanYen or more.

These are worth less than 1 YanYen.

How to Earn YanYen

  • Join the wiki. - 10 YanYen
  • Create your first OC. - 10 YanYen
  • Create your first club. - 10 YanYen
  • Create your first persona. - 10 YanYen
  • Earn the Lucky Badge. - 50 YanYen
  • Win User of The Week. - 100 YanYen
  • Win OC of The Week. - 100 YanYen
  • Log on during random coin hand outs. - Random
  • Get paid for being staff on the first of each month. - Depends on rank.
    • Interns - 1 YanYen
    • Helpers - 2 YanYen
    • Rollbacks and Chat Mods - 5 YanYen
    • Content Mods and Discussion Mods - 10 YanYen
    • Mini-Admins - 20 YanYen
    • Admins and Bureaucrats - 50 YanYen


I didn't get mine when I joined.

This specific one is handled by an automated message. The message can sometimes take time to send, wait a couple hours to a day. If it doesn't come or you've been a member since before these coin started getting handed out, contact a staff member.

It's also possible you joined before we started this. In which case, you will have to contact staff, as your welcome message wouldn't contain it.

I didn't get mine when I made my first OC (or similar).

Please contact a staff member. It is likely they didn't see you make the OC or didn't realize it was your first.

What happens when they are spent?

You say which one you are spending and remove it from your user page.

Can I exchange smaller YanYen for bigger?

Yes. If say, you have ten 1s and would rather have one 10, you can ask an admin to officially exchange them. This can also be done in reverse.

Who gives staff their Yen?

Anyone who is ranked higher. For example: The Head Helper can give a Helper yen, but not a normal Helper. If they are the Head Bureaucrat, they have to pay them-self, since no-one is higher by normal rank or sub-rank.

However, staff pay is not done this way. Pay is done by only Bureaucrats, and they are paid by the Head Bureaucrat, who pays them-self.