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Molly Spear is an exchange student from America, the town Huntsville to be exact. She has moved in Japan and currently lives with her grandmother Seiko, in a small house located near the docks of the town. Even though she is from America, she has learned Japanese herself alone and with her grandmother Seiko and is able to carry a proper conversation with other students, although may mess up at times.

  • { Backstory

Molly was born in the town of Huntsville, Alabama on the day of 1st August on a already broken family. Before gaining view of the first figure she ever saw, mother, she never had a dad and grew up as so. Apparently she grew without knowing and the time came when she started asking; "Where is dad? When is he coming? Do I have a dad?" and her mother eventually revealed the breath-taking truth of her father abandoning them at her birth, because he considered Molly an ugly child, left and never came back. God knows, he's probably even dead by now. But even though her father has left, the rest of the family tree on the father's side remained and supported Molly and her mother and even offered to take care of her. When her grandmother Seiko told Molly's mother that there was an exchange student program involving a prestigious Japanese school and Molly's school, her mother did her best to get Molly to be the exchange student chosen, and luckily she was. She then had moved in to her grandmother Seiko and always went to school happily, with a smile on her face because she appreciated what her family has done for her.

  • { Personality

Molly is a very odd individual. She is tired almodt everyday and sometimes tends to even fall asleep in mid-conversation but mostly snaps awake after a minute or two. She easily forgets and misplaces things and is not liked by most people for her childish personality, so as a result she has developed an isolation from.the real world and found it in flowers. She often tends to the sakura tree behind the school and hangs around there often.