Naoto appears to most as a cheery individual, a smile hardly ever leaving his face and his mannerisms being more "cutesy." In addition, he tends to call people he knows better "-pyon" and "-tan" to keep his cute appearance.

Naoto, however, is actually quiet the extremist. He wants hope to be given to minorities around the world, and he makes it clear that he will do anything to do that. This includes harming others, harming himself, and doing anything illegal. He is very stubborn when it comes to his beliefs, refusing to change them no matter who is trying to convince him. He also finds it very difficult to see why others don't share his extremist ideals, despite him claiming that it is "just his opinion."

Naoto is also unafraid to lie to someone if he thinks it will help him accomplish his goals, which makes him less trustworthy in the eyes of those who know him better.

Although Naoto does try to be polite to most, he does end up being rude and insensitive often. He also is bad at understanding people's feelings, such as not understanding why people don't agree with his ideals and why some might be afraid of him because of it.

The only time Naoto is intentionally rude (in most cases) is when he says something sarcastically, which happens relatively often. The more Naoto dislikes someone the more sarcastic he is around them, all while keeping his "cute" appearance.

To add, Naoto has almost zero self-confidence. He constantly puts himself down, thinking that he is disgusting and that he is inferior to everyone. He allows people to push him around at times if it fuels his lack of self-confidence, unless he fully and truly dislikes someone.

Lastly, Naoto really just wants attention at the end of the day. Due to his home life Naoto has a huge desire for any kind of attention, especially positive attention. This is something he'd never admit to anyone, thinking that this is what makes him "truly pathetic."


If he witnesses a murder, Naoto will congratulate the murderer and leave the scene. Soon after, however, he will call the police on the killer. If your psychology level is high enough or if you know him well enough, you can figure out that he is lying.

If you point a camera at Naoto, he will simply smile. It doesn't matter to him if you're in the photography club, so you can get a photo of him easily.


Naoto full body

Naoto's full body.

Naoto has white hair that reaches his shoulders, but due to it being rather messy down it is usually in a ponytail. His eyes are wide and brown, with most of his features being petite. Naoto's skin is rather pale due to Naoto not bothering to go outside.

Naoto stands at 5'9 (175.259 cm), being taller for his age, and weighs around 132 lbs (59.8742 kg), although his weight changes constantly. Naoto's build is rather scrawny and thin, some commenting that he resembles a twig.

Naoto likes fur hoods and jackets in general, along with boots. He almost never wears shorts, and all of his shirts are rather plain. Naoto also likes to have a lot of bags on him so that he can carry various bandages and herbs with him.



Naoto is extremely skilled in chemistry, mainly due to his desire to know how to make explosives and poison.


Naoto knows basic medicine, CPR, and the Heimlich maneuver. He does want to look more into medical things however, in case something bad ends up happening to someone he cares about.

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Haru Hagiwara ~ Haru is one of the few people Naoto is close to, which is why Naoto tends to follow him like a dog. Naoto tends to feel relaxed around Haru and he trusts him enough to tell him personal things. Haru on the other hand cares for Naoto but worries about him all the time, thinking that he will eventually do fatal damage to other people or himself. Haru constantly tries to convince Naoto to give up his extremist ways, which Naoto refuses to do.

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  • Naoto is based off of Nagito Komaeda and Anders, if it wasn't obvious.
  • Naoto has an extreme love for cats, sometimes attempting to sneak them to school in his coat or bag.
    • He has 4 cats at home.
  • Naoto's favorite food is a bagel.