Neki Animatoroni is an OC made by NyanTheCatAnimatronic. Do not edit unless you are going to add categories.


She's a big old nerd. She's mostly known as a genius by her classmates because of her well-knowed intelligence, but as person, she's just a big, flat chested, old shitposter obsessed with animes and Internet.


She was born on an unknown place in 2000. She only moved to Japan 16 years after.


Canon Students

She's mostly on good terms with the canon students, specially the boys, who she prefers over than girls to talk.

Fanon Students

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T-Thanks, _____-san..?
— Neki when complimented.
____-san! You're inflating my ego! C-could you stop?!
— Neki when complimented too much.
Hey, ____-san... You are not in the Cooking/Martial Arts Club, are you?
— Neki when see Yandere-chan with a knife/katana.
Sorry, i need to go!
— Neki when Yandere-chan approaches her with a suspicious weapon.
Hey, ____-san... I know this is embarassing, but, there IS something you can do for me... well, i have... umm... Ok, i have a Nyan Cat plushie! You can laugh, i don't care, ok?! But i can't stay without it and some dumbass stole it... I can't find it! Can you find it please?
— Neki when asked for a task.
HUGE thanks, _____-tan! You SAVED my life!
— Neki, when accepted task.
So you think you're more mature than me just because you don't have a plushie? Pathetic.
— Neki, when declined task.
Blood? Maybe period?
— Neki, when seeing a pool of blood.
No... A s-serial k-killer... H-how could this be?
— Neki, when seeing a dead body.


Nyan, the Plush Animatronic - Find Neki's Nyan Cat plushie.


  • Neki is just an nickname. Her real name is unknown.
    • If you haven't noticed, Neki's mostly based on her creator NyanTheCatAnimatronic.
    • In NyanTheCatAnimatronic's fanon, she's the president of the Gaming Club.