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Prettiest OC
The true hawt oc
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Student / YouTuber
Class 3-1
Club None
Age 18
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush None
Strength Armed
Appears Unknown
Prettiest basically looks like Hawtest OC with almond shaped eyes, face tattoos and no mustache. Seriously, there's a picture, fam.


When Prettiest was born, she was the perfect child straight away. She came out laughing with her tongue out, trying to hug her sister. She rarely cried. On the rare occasion she let tears fall down her face, it was because either Hawtest or herself was hurt. Prettiest started watchign TV later on, and saw people singing well. She tried singing herself, and found her talent. She posted some singing videos on the internet, and got famous straight away. She started singing at Baruza Town, then was featured on "The Talk." After her special appearance on TV, she got featured on more shows, such as "The Chat," "Late Nights With Budo," "Good Morining Baruza Town," and "The Top." She then went on hiatus with her career to live a normal life. She plans on resuming it once she finishes highschool. A few months in her hiatus, she saw that Hawtest had her own YouTube channel, and wanted to be apart of it. Ever since, she is in almost all of her videos.


Hawtest OC

She was supportive to Hawtest once her curse had started, and they are VERY close.

Budo Masuta

She was featured on Budo's show, "Late Nights With Budo."

Shima Shita

Prettiest was featured on "The Talk," the same night as Shima, and they became good friends whikst chatting backstage


The true hawt oc