Ren Yuito is a student created by Perimaru.


Ren's persona is Fragile, this allows him to offer silence about the crime in exchange for his life if he sees you kill someone.


Ren wears the default male uniform unless customized. He has dazzlingly styled cyan colored hair with dull brown eyes.


Ren is very cowardice and paranoid. He is also very anti-social and keeps to himself. If you manage to befriend him by performing a task, he'll be kind and very attached to the player. Ren has very high intelligence, and enjoys studying for his classes during free time. He is also a hopeless romantic, falling in love easily. Ren also tends to be very gullible and trusting to anyone nice to him, because of this he is an easy target to either kill or manipulate. Ren is considered too trusting and a very weak person because of these many weaknesses.


Ren seems very hesitant to tell you this, but he needs help recovering a textbook that he dropped in the hallways while running. If retrieved, Ren will immediately thank you and befriend the player.


  • Chiyo Cho: Ren spotted her in the halls and was charmed by her beauty, he is crushing on her currently.
  • Kyatto Mushi: Ren is in Kya's class 2-1, and he has admired her during class a lot, usually getting distracted. He is crushing on her currently.


  • Ren Yuito is Perimaru's First OC on this wiki.