Riko Fujimoto
RikoFujimoto Portrait
Student Info
Role Loyal Companion,
Class 2-3
Club Photography Club
Age 17
Persona Teacher's Pet
Crush Ayano Aishi
Strength Unknown
Appears Week 1

Riko Fujimoto is a mod student created by Jackboog21 for his More Students Mod. Her role is the "Loyal Companion" or "Conscience" depending on how the player plays.


Riko's persona is a Teacher's Pet, but depending on how the player plays her persona may change to devoted. Riko has a crush on Yandere-chan. Riko's younger is sister Yume Fujimoto and her older sister is Rina Fujimoto.


Riko has short green hair and green eyes. She also wears the default uniform.



Riko felt emotions, but they weren't intense. She never felt attracted to anyone. The only form of love she had was towards her family. And she rarely got in trouble or lied. If she never met Yandere-chan, she'd probably stay this way.

Loyal Companion



Riko's early years were quiet. She developed normal, but was a bit distant compared to her sisters. Her father took note of this, and tried engaging her whenever he could. She eventually took up reading, not so much because she was interested, but to pass time.

On the first day of her second year at Akademi, she ran into Ayano Aishi (or Yandere-kun), and felt something she had never felt before. She quickly became flustered and ran.

The next day, Ayano confronted her to befriend her. At that moment, the story of Riko Fujimoto, the quiet bookworm ended, and story of either Riko the loyal companion or Riko the conscience began.



She is very close and protective of her family, especially her sisters.

Rina Fujimoto

Rina is Riko's older sister.

Yume Fujimoto

Yume is Riko's younger sister.

Bosenga Fujimoto

While Bosenga may consider Riko one of her favorite cousins, Riko's always had a more neutral opinion of her.

Takashi Fujimoto


Riko has had a crush on her since they met. She is aware of these feelings, as Riko confessed them only a day later. Yandere-chan does not return these feelings, but told her she does.

The Headmaster

Due to the Headmaster's attitude towards Ayano, she sends Riko to talk to him a few times. The headmaster doesn't suspect anything at first, but depending on the player's actions, he may stop talking to her.


  • Currently, Riko has no AI in Yandere Simulator 2D.
  • Riko means "Truth child", and Fujimoto means "Wisteria origin".
  • Riko has her own Twitter account. Link
  • Her sexuality is monosexual, attracted to only one specific person.


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