H-hey... You've come onto one of Osenaria's OCs, S-so you shouldn't use this OC without her permission...


Sekimen has crow black hair that is a little messy and brushes against his eyes. His eyes are a warm brown that shine with innocence. He has light skin. Sekimen is 5'3".


Sekimen is Clingy. If he witness a murder he will scream and run to his crush. He will tell them what happened and hide with them until the murderer is arrested.

Sekimen is a very innocent and enthusiastic boy. He will do most things anyone asks him, if they're sexual he will most likely blush and walk away. A character's reputation is a factor on whether he will talk to you or run away from you. The occult club scares him.

Sekimen will blush and pose for the photographer if they try to take a picture of him and are not in the Photography club.


He walks to Akademi at 7:00 AM, and arrives at his locker to change into his indoor shoes at 7:05 AM. At 7:15 AM he tries on different costumes in the sewing room until he leaves for classes at 8:00. At lunch, he goes and eats lunch in the garden until 1:22 PM. He goes back to class soon after and ends the day with club activities and going home.


Sekimen's task is to be his judge. He'll be trying on multiple costumes and the character must rate how he looks in them. Once the task is completed, Sekimen will agree to be the character's friend.


Sekimen was born to a highly opportunistic family, in fact good luck is hereditary in the Muzai family. He enjoys cross dressing especially when he receives compliments. He works at a maid café.


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