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Taro Yamada
Student 1
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Student
Class Unknown
Club None
Age 18
Persona Loner
Crush Mai Waifu
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown

Senpai is Yandere-chan's obsession. His placeholder name is Taro Yamada, which is the Japanese equivalent of John Doe.


Senpai's default look has black hair that is styled in a ugly hairstyle. His eyes are black as well. He wears the default male uniform unless customized.


Senpai is a Coward . If a camera is pointed at him , he will hide his face like the Evil persona .


  • The reason why Senpai is so popular is because he sat in the "main character chair"
  • The reason why so many girls have a crush on him is , because he is rich .


Kisekae Code

Gakuran Uniforms

Versions with Senpai wearing either the Standard Gakuran, the Longcoat Gakuran, or the White Gakuran.

Standard Gakuran