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Setsuko Nozomi is Rena-Shi's OC


She was born the only child to an unnamed married couple.

Through out the years she had a simple yet complicated life due to money and living issues, having to do yardwork and or other work for neighbors to help with the money problem, as she thought it would be unfair for her parents to do all the work.

Once they get enough money to move out of her fathers mothers home, they decide it would be best to go and buy a nice, small apartment, just to get away toxicity that their grandparents entailed.

Her parents decide it would be best to get better jobs to support their family as they now had the chance to do it. 

Things seemed as if everything has picked up for the Nozomi family as they now have enough money to live in a low-mid lifestyle apartment area and they now have enough money to send Setsuko to a private school. Despite her being at first ecstatic that she was going to a private school, she quickly learned that not even private schools was fun to be around as most of the students there were snobs.

During her second year there. She started to become more and more emotionless and uncaring to her other classmates. She finally got tired of the constant snobbish attitudes and bitchy personalities.

One unfortunate day near the middle of her second school year, she snapped at a student while trying to study for work, and they ended up retaliating with a slash to her forehead from a pocket knife.

She then threw a book at the students head with such force that it knocked the student out. She, and the other student was then suspended for fighting. She soon heard that her parents planned to send her to Akedemi so she could then hopefully find someone to interact with.


Setsuko appears reclusive and skeptical of others around most people due to not trusting them, or due to not knowing them, She will start acting more relaxed and sarcastic when she gets used to a person/clique/club.

She is very much a "watcher" or someone who prefers to be on the sidelines of a story, She can come across as rude, uncaring or bitchy due to her... 'strange' reaction to various things.

When she gets upset, she unconsciously starts scratching her left arm very hard, most likely to stop from showing any "bad" emotions as the pain keeps her distracted.

Despite being reclusive towards others, she will approach them if bored enough, or will begin taking photos or random things just to stop being bored. She is most commonly seen carrying her phone or a apple juice box.



Social Stats

  • Friends:
  • Enemies:
  • Reputation: +5
  • Tasks: Unknown
  • Seduction: Succubus (Level 5)
  • Numbness: Desensitized (level 4)
  • Enlightenment: Asleep (level 0)
  • Crush: Mizuki Hibiki
  • Rivals:  ?????
  • Murders Witnessed/Enacted: 0 witnessed, 0 enacted
    • Rivals Eliminated: 0
      • Fatal Methods: 0
      • Indirect Methods: 0
      • Pacifist Methods: 0

Overall Social Skills: 5 out of 10

School Stats

  • Biology: 3
  • Chemistry: 0
  • Language: 3
  • Psychical Education: 5
    • Strength: 5
  • Psychology: 5

Overall Knowledge:7 1/2 out of 10

Dere Stats

  • Yandere Level: 1
  • Tsundere Level: 0
  • Kuudere Level: 6
  • Dandere Level: 5
  • Deredere Level: 1

Other Stats

  • Cooking Skill: 5
  • Acting Skill: 9
  • Knowledge of the Occult: 0
  • Badassery: 3
  • Swimming Skills: 9
  • Lewdness: 2
  • Healing Skill: 2
  • Kawaii Factor: 7
  • Sue Level:5
  • Edgyness: 3

Handbag Contents

Handbag Contents

  • Camera
  • Lunch
  • Phone
  • Pepper spray
  • Spare Headband
  • Seemingly Infinite Apple juice boxes


  • She has terrible eye problems
  • She is unable to afford glasses
  • She secretly wants to be in a relationship but is afraid of rejection due to her sexuality
  • She squeaks when people hug her
  • Despite looking weak, She could probably break your face in with a book.
  • She is a good cuddler
  • She wants to take up being a nurse or counseller when she graduated.
  • She originally had a mother and father as parents but rena-shi felt it wasn't gay enough.

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