Tall Pompadour
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Student
Class Unknown
Club Delinquent Gang
Age 16-18
Persona Delinquent
Crush Unknown
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown

Tall Pompadour is a delinquent that hangs out near the furnace along with the other male delinquents. His AI is not fully complete yet so he has no routine, and is not recognized by Info-chan.


Pompadour Hair has a very large pompadour hairstyle with a strand of hair falling in front of his forehead and others swept to the back. He has gray eyes and he has a custom face, much like the male occult members, to make him look angry. He holds a bokken over his right shoulder and will use it to hit the player if they are seen as a threat.


He will crouch with his bokken and make rude remarks to the player and will push the player away if they get too close. If he sees the player with a corpse, he will chase after the player and hit them over the head, rendering them comatose. If the player is seen holding a weapon, he will stand and face the player, ready to hit the player if they get too close. If the player puts the weapon away, he will taunt them, calling them a coward.



Several Hairstyles

Delinquent with scar

Tall with a Scar